Oct 132012

This Sacred Hair Growth video is about the nettle plant, also known as Stinging Nettle, or under its botanical names Urtica dioica and Urtica urens. , has been used as a traditional medicinal herb for many centuries.

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However, the most famous application of nettle infusions is in treating alopecia areata. A gentle irritant, this herb is able to improve scalp circulation, stimulate hair roots, facilitate the flow of oxygen and nutrients into hair follicles, and promote overall hair growth. Clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of nettle root extracts for hair growth remedies, including genetic male-pattern baldness and alopecia areata.

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I love your new look. You look absolutely gouoegrs! I wish I could look good like you with short hair! I love your blog and the world you create in your blog space. So beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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@Crisco Thank you for your kind words, and sorry for catching up so late.